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Honoring Ancestral Wisdom
Preserving Indigenous Practices


Indigenous sacred practices are being diluted, exploited, and lost.  
As a result, they are at risk of physic
al and cultural extinction.

As the global community begins to embrace and engage in these sacred practices,  how do we nurture and uplift these communities, traditions and medicines?
Assessment Based

We are listening to indigenous leaders to identify and support their needs.
Indigenous Led

We believe in amplifying the voices of traditional wisdom holders and empowering them with tools and resources.

Current Project


Wixárika Tribe

Centro Ceremonial, Maxa Yuawita

Jalisco, México

The Wixárika are an indigenous tribe that has been dedicated to living in harmony with nature and all beings for thousands of years. 


They are caretakers of Wirikuta, the world´s most biodiverse cactus garden on the earth. Wirikuta is currently under threat by silver mining and industrial tomato farming.


The Wixárika´s territories have greatly been reduced due to modern expansion. This has created all sorts of problems for them and made life more expensive. Their sacred pilgrimage and ceremony is at risk of being lost.


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Our Vision

Indigenous-led programs where communities and inviduals are given a platform, a voice, and ownership of their sacred practices. 

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Medicinal plant conservation

Helping communities preserve and conserve sacred medicines and traditions. 


Benefit sharing

Ensuring that traditional knowledge holders receive fair and equitable sharing of benefits.


Cultural preservation

Offering tools, cooperation resources and skills to help communities move from survival mode to thriving.


Empowering  & Educating

Supporting communities that are the natural caretakers of sacred practices to create sustainable and scalable infrastructure.

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