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Honoring Ancestral Wisdom
Preserving Indigenous Practices


Indigenous sacred practices are being diluted, exploited and lost.

We believe that Indigenous wisdom and practices have the power to inspire humanity towards a more synergistic relationship to the earth, ourselves, and each other.

Our Solution

Indigenous-led programs where communities and inviduals are given a platform, a voice, and ownership of their sacred practices. 

peyote with roots in hands.jpeg

Medicinal plant conservation

To sustain the spiritual practices of indigenous peoples by planting sacred plants in their native habitats and regenerating the medicines.

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Ecosystem regeneration

Offering tools, cooperation and knowledge and skills to help them move from survival mode to thriving.

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Cultural preservation

Share cross cultural experiences that emphasize indigenous ceremony, arts, food, music and way of life.



Empowering and educating communities that are the natural caretakers of sacred medicines to create sustainable and scalable infrastructure.

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  • Indigenous communities have a platform to help create solutions.

  • Biodiversity will be preserved and enhanced.

    • Biodiversity that directly supports Sacred Practices

    • Deliverable - income stream

  • Indigenous people will have equity in the businesses around their own sacred practices and stay authentic. Communities have the means to make this sustainable.

  • Goes beyond Fair Trade to actual ownership.

  • Programs are sustainable

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