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Meet Anselmo: A Guardian of Wixárika Traditions 🌿✨

Today, I have a very special story to share with you—a story that comes from the heart of the Wixárika community, where ancient traditions are at risk, and where a remarkable individual is making a profound difference.

Meet Anselmo, A Marakame dedicated to the preservation of his culture.

Anselmo is not only a leader but a Marakame—a spiritual guide in the Wixárika community. He has dedicated his life to preserving the rich heritage and spiritual practices of his people, which are now threatened by the rapid expansion of modern society in México. These changes in the landscape make their sacred pilgrimages—a cornerstone of Wixárika culture—increasingly difficult and dangerous.

In our latest video, Anselmo takes us on a journey into the heart of this issue and his community needs. Through his eyes, we see the challenges faced and the beauty of the Wixárika traditions. Project Quetzalli, which we are proud to support, is spearheading efforts to ensure that Anselmo and his community can continue these precious traditions in safety and peace.

Your Role in This Mission

  • Watch the Video: Experience Anselmo’s story and understand the stakes at.

  • Visit our website: Learn how you can support at

  • Spread the Word: Share Anselmo’s message to help us reach hearts and minds far and wide.

👉 Click Here to Watch Anselmo's Story 👈

Your support can make a real difference in preserving the spiritual and cultural fabric of the Wixárika people. Thank you for taking the time to engage with this vital cause.


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