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Wixárika: Mexico's Living Indigenous Culture

Since the beginning of 2023 we have been connecting with spiritual communities and leaders that are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of indigenous sacred ceremony. There are amazing projects in México dedicated to preserving and sharing Nahuatl (Aztec Language), Mexican traditional dance, regeneration of native forests and fauna, and indigenous arts.

Our team at Quetzalli is committed to supporting indigenous led projects. After listening to the needs of the elders, we have decided that we can best help the ceremonial centers and communities of the Wixárika people.

The Wixárika people are indigenous to México, and seem to be the most active indigenous spiritual community in México. Their cosmovision is very alive and their religion is part of their day to day life. The Wixáxika are the guardians of the sacred peyote garden, Wirikuta, and from their perspective, they play a crucial role in the balance of the entire world.

Until quite recently, the communities were isolated and their lands were untouched. This allowed them to preserve their tradition and culture through generations. Though, modern civilization has begun to expand into their territories. The effects are dramatic, and the elders are worried that their entire culture will disappear from the face of this earth within one generation.

In order to prevent this from happening, we have been asked by a spiritual elder, Don Aurelio, to support the Wixárika ceremonial centers by providing aid to the pilgrims and their families. The pilgrims commit to a 5 year ceremonial process that is physically and financially demanding.

Don Aurelio believes that if the basic costs of the spiritual pilgrims are covered and their children are clothed and fed, then the younger generation will be more likely to commit to the duties that are required for the preservation of the Wixárika tradition.

The story is long and complicated. Over the next weeks and months we will begin to unravel the whole story and explain why this is SO important for the health of the Wixárika, México, and the whole world.

I will be working with Roberto (picture of us below) to develop this project with the Wixárika. Roberto has been working with the Wixárika for the past decade and is an invaluable resource of information and a good bridge for our cultures to unite! This is an amazing opportunity to be part of a project that is going to have real and lasting change. We feel blessed. Please contact us to see how you can get involved!

All the wheels are in motion for an amazing project. We will be launching continual fundraising efforts to support this project, though there is never a better time to give than right now! Give Today!

Gracias! Pamparios!


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